Darkness burrows in when we fall Morning will reveal us after all Curtains wide, say you'll run with me Captives we were called, but now we're free.
esper ;
never run away
courage must be strong
A half human, half esper. An amnesiac made slave by the empre. She gains her freedom by chance and as a returner she aids in bringing down the mad clown God
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Independant roleplay blog of FF6's Terra Branford!

Celes Chere or Terra Branford ?
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Terra Branford (FFVI)
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I have a few replies to do, and I’ll get them done sometime tonight or tomorrow!


Replying to a starter from Cloud,

Replying to Kuja,

and then the few ask drabbles, as well as ooc stuff I have! :)


Welcome to Fantasia! This we are a closed final fantasy, kingdom hearts, and twewy masterlist, where we hope to build bonds with our fellow group members, as well as enjoy excellent roleplays! Our admins, the Pyreflies will be more than happy to have you enjoy our flock! 

Please read our rules, and check our masterlist to join our happy family! Feel free to send a reservation, or an application today!
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Anonymous said:
Loooove your blog!! :D i love terra, ffvi is one of my favorites, and you seem so awesome!



Thank you so much for the complement. I love ffvi too ❤  It’s one of my favorite games!

If you ever want to rp or chat, feel free to come back any time, anon or not!

It’s a costume party, right? (Squall & Terra)

        Fingers can be seen coiled ever-so-tightly around a book of tales.
        There are so many stories, and legends she has yet to hear about,
        that she is excited to learn more about them. The holiday would
        soon be upon them, and it is with a haste that she exits the library.
        The Garden festival committee is busy setting up spooky decor
        all around the campus. The elevator takes her up to where she
        has elected a certain leader to help her learn as much as she
        possibly can about this world. Hasty feet tap against the floor with
        each step she takes, before coming to a halt.

        A quick rap of knuckles against the wooden door echo down the
        corridor. ❝Squall? Are you here?❞

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Oh my — where did all you followers come from? Nevertheless, thank you for following my humble little blog, here! If you’d like to rp, feel free to hit up my ask box, so we can plan something~! I’m pretty open with my verse and I adore crossovers. ❤