Darkness burrows in when we fall Morning will reveal us after all Curtains wide, say you'll run with me Captives we were called, but now we're free.
esper ;
never run away
courage must be strong
A half human, half esper. An amnesiac made slave by the empre. She gains her freedom by chance and as a returner she aids in bringing down the mad clown God
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      ❝ —You, again? ❞ Her tone is as meek as it has ever been;
      it is with widened eyes that she greets him once again. The
      last they met, Terra was certain they were not to meet again.
      Perhaps it is fate— or some strange form of luck that he has found
      her once again. She could barely remember the last time she has
      actually rested, or eaten, for that matter. ❝ I have.. to go..❞ With a
      feeble attempt to get up, her arms shake, and her body falls back
      to the bed under her. 
      ❝I have.. to..❞


"—Hey, what do you think you’re doing?" He grew concern instantly, and approached her closer, trying to get her to stay in the bed. Touching the bare part of her shoulder. "You seriously don’t plan on leaving in the condition you’re currently in, are you? You look absolutely exhausted. And I heard your stomach growling earlier… You sound like you haven’t eaten in days."

"I want to make one thing clear to you, Terra. You’re not leaving this camp, until you’ve fully recovered back to your old self. Get some rest. Join us for dinner. I promise you, I’m no stranger to having some decent hospitality."

      Her shoulder immediately falls back toward the bed
      once his hand urges her to do so. The rest of her body
      follows it in suit. A hand lifts to her forehead, as she
      closes her eyes for a mere moment. He was right— she
      was in awful shape. It was almost beyond awful, at this
      point. Traveling on foot was rough, especially when
      Terra did not know, nor have the common sense enough
      to know when to rest. ❝I.. I have to find them…❞ The returners
      the people who would be able to help her plight against
      Kefka, and restore the world to its state of normalcy.

      It is not a moment sooner that her eyes slip shut, and she
      is submerged back into the world of dreams, while her
      body rests against the bed.

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      ❝I’m sorry — ❞ The warm breeze rolls
        long locks of mint green tresses off
        of her slender shoulder. As a look of
        melancholy dampens her expression.
        ❝But I can’t.❞



           ———— don’t touch that.

      ❝Does this.. belong to you?❞

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      Ringlets of green toss too and fro, with the
        motion of her head. ❝I don’t have a.. ‘home.❞


    a moment of

    silence is spared, careful to form the next string of words,

       gaze is unwavering as irises of Aqua are trained ever so intently upon the girl. 


     ‹What happened to you?›

      Eyes are shut for a moment, as a small
        puff of air leaves peach hued lips. Hands
        fold delicately before her petite frame. It
        is with the slight lowering of her head, that
        words begin to form upon her lips.

      ❝I don’t remember.. I can’t..❞




      ❝I don’t know.. It wouldn’t look good on me.❞


"Well, tribals aren’t for everybody, but a lot of people get ink that’s personal to them. And…not a lot of people get it on their face."

      ❝Does having one on your face hurt..?❞

Send me a ‘★’ and I will tell you how my character feels about yours.
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        Come all! Come all! Step right up and enjoy the show!
Guardian Forces has officially launched and what better way to celebrate than with exciting games, new friends, and spectacular fireworks! Every hero’s journey can get exhausting and there’s nothing like a little bit of R&R. We’re are holding our very first event from July 11th to July 13th.
> Where?
All members will be given a special a lifetime ticket to the fabulous Gold Saucer, a majestic amusement park towering over 30 feet in the air! Filled to the brim with amazing amenities, the Gold Saucer is your ultimate getaway:
Chocobo Square:
Take bets on a lucky chocobo or take a chance and saddle up on one. Either way you’re bound to have a wild ride in the chocobo square! Will you go home empty handed or with barrels full of gil?
Battle Square:
Test your limits at the unforgiving and ferocious battle square! Do you have what it takes to keep up with the relentless wave of fiends and nab the prize waiting for you at the end? Or will you go home bruised and with your ego deflated?
Event Square:
Put your acting to the test at the Event Square or simply sit back and enjoy the show. Bring your tissues to prepare yourself for the epic tale of lovers and magic dragons at Gold Saucer’s renowned theater.
Wonder Square:
What’s an amusement park without games to play? Head to the wonder square for a magnitude of games to play. With a huge variety ranging from classic arcade to virtual simulation, the game of your dreams is calling to you at the wonder square! 
Round Square:
Take a ride on the gondola and enjoy seeing the beauty of the night sky. Whether a lover or a friend, be sure to take someone you cherish on the gondola to so you can enjoy the fireworks display together!
Ghost Square:
After a tiring day of fun everyone needs to sleep! Head to the ghost square and book a room at the inn. Spiders, bats, and even ghosts claim this inn as their home. Make sure to sleep with one eye open!
Don’t like the idea of hanging out at an amusement park alone? Don’t worry about it! All members will be paired randomly with a fellow member. On the day of the event each member will be given the name of their “partner” and the location your characters will begin at. Of course during the period of this event you are not restricted to just interacting with your paired member. We encourage all members to post opens for the event in the gf!event tag.
We are excited to see what type of fun - and trouble - you all will get into. Happy rping! 
- The Summons.
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Below is the list of everyone’s partners. Please message them and began discussing plans for your thread. The location beside each pair’s name is simply your starting point. You are not required to stay there the entire duration of your thread.
> Terra / Laguna: Chocobo Square> Tifa / Yuna: Chocobo Square> Cloud / Kidd: Wonder Square> Squall / Rinoa: Event Square> Rikku / Zero: Round Square> Lightning / Merrill: Battle Square> Noctis / Dante: Battle Square> Tiz / Fenris: Round Square> Edea / MaleHawke: Wonder Square> Ringabel / Vergil: Event Square> FemHawke / Nyotengu: Ghost Square> Isablea / Gerome: Chocobo Square> Velanna / Tear: Ghost Square> Robin / Jedah: Battle Square> Lucil / Sora: Event Square> Clear / Morrigan: Wonder Square
Remember to track and tag all you post for the event under gf!event. If you do not hear back from your partner by tomorrow please message me and I’ll handle it. This is also a good time to check and see if you’re following everyone on the masterlist. Happy rping!
- Mog.
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Eyes simply stare off at the cosmos, as a silent sigh passes through semi-parted lips. The world around her was in shambles, and there was not a single thing she could do to help it— to stop Kefka. His light of judgement reigns supreme here, where it conquerors entire towns, and cities. Forcing the people to either become nothing more than a pile of ash, or to bend to his whim.

Disagreeing with Kefka is now a certain death sentence, and there is not a single thing that Terra can do.