Darkness burrows in when we fall Morning will reveal us after all Curtains wide, say you'll run with me Captives we were called, but now we're free.
esper ;
never run away
courage must be strong
A half human, half esper. An amnesiac made slave by the empre. She gains her freedom by chance and as a returner she aids in bringing down the mad clown God
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/dumps ice water on you and films it. #icebucketchallenge.


Is now R E FRESHHESS~ ” T-t-h-h—hanks. ” With a slight chill in the mix.

        She’s happy to help. ❝Do you feel any better?❞

        Tiny flakes of snow fall from the sky, and settle
        comfortably onto the ground below. This is not the
        first time the half-esper has encountered such an
        unsettling phenomenon; she has experienced a
        climate much colder, back when she first met Locke.

        Hot flame that burns through her veins begins to weak-
        en, and it does not go unnoticed by her companion.
        ❝Are you okay?❞ He asks, turning toward her. Terra has
        slowed down significantly, and the chattering of her
        teeth does not go unnoticed, either. ❝Whoa— you’re
        freezing, Terra!❞ He stops her by placing a gloved hand
        onto her shoulders.

        Had she truly gotten so cold? She almost did not notice
        the ailment herself. She does not feel the cold; she merely
        feels the numbing sensation of losing feeling in her hands
        and feet, as it creeps up through her extremities. ❝—I’m okay.❞
        She attempts to continue by him, but her hand is soon taken
        in his. In comparison to her hand, his generates a different
        kind of warmth. ❝No, we’re going to stop for the night.❞ He
        protests, before he ushers her into a cave.

        As soon as they enter, he places a blanket around her, then
        proceeds to ignite a fire in attempt at keeping her warm.
        ❝Don’t worry Terra, I’ll keep you safe and warm!❞ He says with
        that natural charm, and confidence he exudes. A grin rests on
        his facial features, as he sits down next to her, putting part of
        the blanket around himself as well. ❝—I’m sorry,❞ she starts, but
        he cuts her off by placing a finger across her lips.

        ❝Come on, now. It’ll be all right, Terra.❞ He reassures, and to
        her own surprise, his words actually seem to make her feel
        better about slowing them down. She is glad, in a way, that
        she is not a burden upon him. His finger is withdrawn, and
        before she even realizes it, he is practically pulling her into
        his lap. Her shy hands are slow to wrap around him, just as
        her forehead slowly presses up against his. What could this
        mean? Being so close to someone in such a way; it feels
        strange, but comfortable at the same time.


        The two of them sit there silently for an extended period
        of time, before each of them lean in. It is as if gravity itself
        is pulling her towards him. It feels both natural, and comfort-
        able. ❝Thank you..❞ she whispers, just before their lips touch.
        His hand at the base of her head provides both guidance
        as well as security to her. It’s a strange feeling; it is as if one
        has mixed flame with electricity. Perhaps this was the feeling
        that fueled normal people; the feeling she has not ever
        experienced until just now.

        They stay this way for a few moments longer, before he
        urges her head toward his chest. Hands gently run up and
        down her back, which relaxes her; forcing her to forget about
        the uncomfortable coldness that renders her weak. Although
        she cannot see it, he’s smiling a different sort of smile now,
        and so is she.

        ❝Rest now; I’ll keep you warm.

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Long ass rant.

Whoever wrote that garbage confession about my friend, Rinoa (blasteredged), you are completely off base.

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001. Fire & Ice.

Given her natural affinity towards fire magic, Terra has a hard time dealing with cold climates and ice-based magic. Because this fire element resides within her very blood, her body temperature runs much warmer than that of a typical human. During harsh cold, or wintery climates, Terra becomes very uncomfortable and weak. Especially during her fist visit to Narshe, where she collapses numerous times within the frosty mines of the town.

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